Protection from the elements until the next phase

A pavement is only as good as its foundation—its base. Traditionally, road bases have been prepared for surfacing with prime coats to protect the granular base during construction and help reduce dust. Prime seals provide a good bond between the underlying base and hot mix asphalt overlays. On low volume roads, they bond the base to chip seals or other thin surfaces, which might otherwise delaminate.  As traffic increases, these treatments serve well as foundations for staged construction of future overlays.

In the past, most primes were made from cutback asphalts or other petroleum-based materials that are slow to cure and emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some of these materials also have poor penetration into compacted bases, thereby reducing their bonding effectiveness. Worse still, there have been incidents where run-off from these materials has polluted the soil and nearby streams. 

Enter EcoPrime, a superior prime that is eco-friendly and provides dust suppression.

Colas Solutions™ offers a host of industry leading products designed to address specific pavement construction, maintenance, and preservation needs. Following is a list of other innovative products available through Colas Solutions and our affiliate partners: